Getting Started with Polaris - Registration

Getting Started with Polaris - Registration

Thank you for using Polaris to secure your website. This guide will go through the basics of setting up your website(s) on Polaris and how to navigate the interface. The guide will also help you understand the various settings and what they mean for your website security. For a brief understanding of what Polaris does, please refer to this article here.

Adding a new website to Polaris

On your first login to Polaris, you will need to add the website(s) you would like to protect. 

Step 1: Click the `+` button

On the side panel below the Dashboard button, there is a list of sites (which should be empty for you). Please click the button (refer to the image below). This will open up the 'Add your site' panel.

Getting started with Polaris

Step 2: Enter your domain

Enter your domain name into the text field and click the blue Add Site button below the text field. Your domain name is how your users or customers access your website. An example of a domain would be "". You have now added your website to the Polaris Security Center. Next, you have to configure your Domain Name System (DNS).

Setting up your DNS

Now that your website has been added to the Security Centre, you will be brought to the Site Setup Wizard, which will help configure your DNS. To find out more about DNS, refer to this article: Domain Name System (DNS).

Choose the setup type

There are two options for you to choose from (as shown in the image below), Nameservers, or A, CNAME Record

If you have permission to change your DNS provider to Polaris, you are recommended to do so and choose the Nameservers option.  Please refer to this article: How to setup using Nameservers.

Otherwise, please choose the A, CNAME Record option. Additionally, if you have several sub-domains and would like to add them individually, please use the A, CNAME Record option. Please refer to this article: How to setup using A, CNAME Record

For subdomains, the use of a nameserver is an advanced option and CNAME is used by default.

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