Domain Name System (DNS)

Domain Name System (DNS)

What is DNS and why do we need it?

While your website may have a domain name such as "", it is actually hosted on an IP address. Every device on the World Wide Web has a unique IP address, and it is this IP address that your computer connects to when visiting a website. However it is inconvenient for us to remember a string of numbers, instead, the Domain Name Servers (DNS) help to translate the domain names into the relevant IP addresses. The DNS acts like a phonebook, storing both domain names and their respective IP addresses. This checking and translating is done automatically and usually very quickly. 

Why should we use Polaris DNS?

By using Polaris Name Servers, you are introducing another layer of security to your website. Polaris Name Servers will scan for potentially harmful requests and will not direct them to the website if any are found. This prevents several types of common attacks on your website while also ensuring that your website can remain accessible at all times.
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